There are many albums available through Rounder Records that are of special importance to Kentucky Memories and for anyone with a serious interest in traditional music. Most of these albums are listed with free sound clips for every track! A good place to start would be there is even autobiographies on Buddy Thomas, Snake Chapman and J.P. Fraley along with some fiddle tune transcriptions too. Thank you Rounder!
Also check out the latest news from the Rounder Archive and read Mark Wilson's comments about the importance of He and Rounder's efforts which resulted in more than 90 albums of traditional music: "...Neither universities nor the government provided substantive or systematic support for any schedule of preservational field recording during the last quarter of the twentieth century (and continuing). If it had not been for their support, we would have no significant record of the music of Ed Haley, Buddy Thomas, George Hawkins, Joe Cormier, Art Galbraith, Snake Chapman, Willie Kennedy and a host of others."

Roger Cooper
"Essence of Old Kentucky"
Rounder 0533
Released 05/02/2006
At one time one of the richest veins of fiddle music to be encountered anywhere in the United States was found in rural Lewis County, Kentucky, a pleasant region of wooded hills that borders the Ohio River at the top of the state. There African-American blues inflections introduced syncopation into uplifting square dance rhythms; melancholy shadings of a mountain cast crept into old British melodic stock. Roger Cooper is one of our last homegrown players who has mastered this demanding music, in which the pioneer stirrings of America's distinctive musical forms can be first heard. Extensive notes by producer Mark Wilson are included in a PDF file on the disc.

Roger Cooper
"Going Back to Old Kentucky"
Rounder 0380
Released 01/01/1996
The green rolling hills of Lewis County, Kentucky along the Ohio River were once home to some of the most beautiful fiddle music in America. Roger Cooper grew up listening to the great players of the region and through his music and his accompanying reminiscences, Roger evokes the days when paddlewheels pushed lazily up the river and country farmers would attempt to best one another in fiddle contests.

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